The Regulatory Change Landscape

The regulatory landscape has changed tremendously since the global financial crisis that occurred in 2008. The subsequent reaction to this crisis has been the emergence of regulations which has left financial players struggling with their complexity.
FiSer Consulting has been active in changing the dynamic regulatory landscape for a long time and has an extensive track record in successful regulatory implementations. We are constantly analysing and identifying regulatory implications on the Financial Services industry. We know that the financial industry cannot be controlled but it can be steered in the right direction.

We are experienced in the implementation of the following regulations:

– PSD2;
– Basel;
– Solvency II;
– AML; and

Our analyses are represented in the FiSer Regulatory Roadmap, which we have separated into two regulatory fields: (1) Banking & Investment Management and (2) Insurance. The roadmaps offer a broad view of what lies ahead of the Financial Services industry in terms of regulatory endorsement and implementation. It is also crucial for our clients to understand the impact of upcoming regulations on their business and the changes they need to plan as a result of that.

For additional information, please revert to the regulatory summation overview and our publications.